People Searches

Find information about someone you just met by using our People Searches links feature. Here are a number of sites that allow a person to search for someone by using their name, email address or any social media accounts that a person may have. Though most of these services are free, there are some that may want to charge a fee for their use.

Whether you are looking up someone you met on a dating site or someone who was hired to work on your home, knowing the facts about a person can make a huge difference when it comes to how far you want to take the relationship. Finding out their marital status, criminal history and outside references independently will give you the upper hand as many people may never admit to any of this if a particular situation is working to their advantage. Don’t waste money or time on someone who isn’t who they say they are! Consider this a small investment in the safety of your home, family members and personal being.

It is also recommended that you use more than one source to gather your data. Even if you find the same piece of information on more than one site, having this will still be of great help when assessing an individual.