Public Records

In this day and age, people steal identities, commit fraud as well as other felonies in order to get a job, establish credit and find a potential spouse that may be considered financially stable. Though few think about the consequences such as getting caught or possible incarceration, many will keep up a lie for as long as possible.

For the victim, this can get very expensive when they find that the person they married or hired for a particular job is not who they say they are. If the person was caught in an illegal or immoral act, not verifying them through public records first can cost you and your family a lot more than money.

With the internet, anyone can locate and verify a person they are interested in starting a relationship with through the Federal and local governments. Though some services may charge for basic information, think of it as an investment. Remember, the more data you have, the more you will have to make a sound decision about how involved you want to be, if at all.

So rather than be taken in by a charming demeanor or good work references, protect yourself with the facts about a person’s criminal past, lifestyle or legal matters where they may have had some involvement.