We all need to communicate with the outside world and thank goodness, we are no longer restricted to using a one-line phone that is without Call Waiting. However, as ,many are starting businesses out of a spare room in their home or find that they could use any of the newer mobile devices may find what it is they are looking for.

Or maybe you run a business that has many international contacts or has more than a few people working in an office. Though the internet has been a big help, you may find that phones with features such a hosted PBX service may eliminate the need for a live person to answer the phones and route calls.

There are also services such as internet fax services, which are much faster than the traditional fax machine and also more environmentally-friendly.

Then there are less complex matters such as frequent calls to your home. While they may become annoying and are considered a form of harassment, there are many services that can give you information about who is calling you.

If you have questions about calls that you may receive from a private party or business, there are government agencies, both local and Federal, that can answer any questions you may have. Or if you need to report an annoying caller, here is where you will find the resources to do this.